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Dear Reader,

I have long been a proponent of the opportunities in private investing. From single purpose businesses, agriculture funds, to real estate and hedge funds, to private equity and energy funds, the gamut of opportunity is immense. Some offerings can be rather simple and some can be quite complex, but with the help of qualified guides to navigate the rivers of potential, I think that if you qualify in terms of net worth and suitability, you owe it to yourself and your portfolio to explore that world.

Let’s look at just one area of potential, recognizing that there are many such areas. I began talking about opportunities in private credit 10 years ago. That beginning trickle in private credit has now become a river of potential profitable returns. Simply, banking regulations have increasingly forced banks to turn down what used to be their main staple: medium-sized businesses that are stable with good collateral. Regulations that force them to reserve extra capital reduce the probability of such loans and even their abilities to make them even if they want to!

That need is increasingly being met by independent broker-dealers who have the networks of investors and capabilities of raising the capital, as well as the ability to access the deals for their clients. I am aware of many deals in the past few years that pay high single digits/low double digits in returns with apparently adequate collateral and investor protections. (Past performance is not indicative of futureresults.) After a great deal of research, I decided to form a Network that includes the brokerage firm in Houston, Sanders Morris Harris, member FINRA/SIPC (on a nonexclusive basis). The SMH management team  has demonstrated the ability to access returns for their clients, with a focus on private credit and private equity.

Working together with SMH will allow me to bring my readers and clients not only the investment opportunities that are in their network but also to introduce and evaluate the numerous other opportunities I come across every week. We will be able to offer you choices that few firms can. Networks like mine can be very powerful and when you are invited to participate, you should act!

Give us some basic information, take a short phone call (required by regulations) from one of my Mauldin Network team at SMH and if you qualify,  we will send you information on a variety of offerings and will have the people ready to answer your questions.

Remember, I think you should structure your core portfolio to protect and grow steadily and then use offerings like we will show you to potentially accelerate the remaining portion. Let me put the power of my Network to work for you!

And feel free to let me know your thoughts and any feedback you think I need. I am here and will pay attention to what you think.

Your excited about private investments analyst,


John Mauldin


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